Thursday, October 29, 2015

Serving in Omaha, Nebraska

Elder Dudley is serving in Omaha, Nebraska and will be home in less than two weeks!!

This is his mother writing again since he continues to be very busy and has asked that I share a bit on his blog for him. I know it would be better to hear directly from him, so I will do my best to share with you what he has shared with us - his parents.
Like the title of this post shows - Elder Will Dudley is serving in Omaha, Nebraska. Following is what he shared soon after arriving there. "There are a lot of stories in Sioux Falls (previous area) I don't get to experience the rest of, but I am so excited to be here." "I am in Omaha . . . I love it so much already. . . We have already taught so many people. I can't describe every part of it that I love. We have a young ward who is active in helping us with meals and teaching. Many of them attend Creighton University. Our apartment overlooks the campus, and we have a great view of downtown." He also lives close to and has had the opportunity to attend the temple which meant a lot to him. 
Family Home Evening with one of the young couples in the ward he is serving in.
Missionaries are always on the go, working hard, and continually learning and growing. There are days filled with blessings and miracles and there are times when it's not always easy. I think we can all relate to that. I don't have a lot of stories to share with you, so I thought I would share a few "one liners" and "short thoughts" that he has shared with us. I hope I don't share thoughts that are too personal to him, but I always learn from and can relate a bit to what he shares.
From Elder Will Dudley:
"I continue to learn that I only feel successful when I pay attention to and follow the Spirit, and when I give my heart to helping each individual in the moment that we sit with them, look them in the eyes, and testify of how the gospel will bless them."
After a hard week he shared - "I refuse to let the Lord down by letting my faith slip. He will work miracles here if we are faithful." 
"We have prayed and worked more than ever the last few days, but we have hardly taught any lessons. This is doing many things for me. It is reminding me to be humble and to rely on the Lord, the only one who can actually cause the work to move forward. It is teaching me how much more missionary work is than just teaching. I feel peaceful because I have worked hard and sought the guidance of the Lord. It is drawing me near to the Lord . . . I still feel motivated to go out and work because, at the very least, it works miracles in my life and my heart."
He recently shared a short message about what he learned from October 2015 General Conference. "The confidence and peace that came to me as a result of the simple testimonies will help me greatly in my missionary work. The main messages I got were to bear simple testimony, center completely on Christ, and move forward with faith."
Well, it is starting to "sink in" to him that he is coming home, but he is giving it his all as he wraps up his two year mission that started in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission and will end in the Nebraska Omaha Mission.
I know that he would want to thank all of you who have been so supportive to him in so many ways.
So, "Thank you!" from Elder Will Dudley