Monday, January 6, 2014


Well, i figured out this week that I don't need a cord to get pictures onto the computer. Check this out from last night. WOW IT"S COLD

SO, I have a couple of funny stories from this week. First of all, I couldn't find my house key one morning until I went outside and saw it still in the doorknob. I didn't tell my companion...but we are lucky that we didn't get robbed overnight! Another day, we had just finished teaching a lesson to a new family we found. I walked off of the front porch, and at the bottom, my foot found some ice. Then my foot lost the ice. Then my body found the pavement. Then I lost my physical limitations and did a sweet roll on the ground to pop myself immediately back to standing. It was pretty cool, so I just kept walking to the car. That is until I saw my companion just standing there. I turned around to see a family of wide-eyed Hispanics standing on the front porch. I hope they don't disregard what we taught because they witnessed my clumsiness. The last one is really not that crazy, but some of you may find it funny. We went to another missionary apartment this morning to put a load of clothes in. I hadn't showered, and I didn't realize that my towel was in the wash. We went back home to shower real quick, and all I can say is that I am very glad we still had a fairly decent stash of paper towels left over from the week. They actually work pretty well :P

OK! Now I would like to express with you all the superiority of the Hispanic race over us stubborn white folks. They are so much more humble and receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They accept it as a gift from God and the right way to live. Many of them have never heard of Mormons, but when we teach them the doctrine of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they often will accept it without question or doubt. To those with an open heart and a love of God, the words of God are easily recognizable. If you place Him as the top priority in your life, you will see blessings in all aspects of your life. Your work will go smoother, and your families will be happier. When you are humble before Him and live with an open heart, He will show you the right way to go. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is the way that he has appointed for us to show that we want to live in His Kingdom, and when we live it with our whole hearts, He will make that blessing a reality for us. I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ was chosen to live and die and live again for us, so that we may simply follow Him and be welcomed by a loving Heavenly Father into a life that we could never find by ourselves. It is true that those who believe in Jesus Christ will be saved. But if you really do believe in Jesus Christ, it will be made clear by your actions. If you say you believe in Christ, but don't do the things that He has asked, you do not truly believe in Him. You may believe that He is your Savior, which is very important, but you must believe His words, too. True belief in Christ always leads to action. We must follow Him. We must hear His voice and have faith in Him. That will lead us to change our lives and repent of our sins. Then we will desire to follow His example as He entered into the waters of baptism with John the Baptist, who held the proper authority from God. We then will receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands as spoken of in Acts 8. Then we must continue faithfully to live the words of Christ better and better day by day. I wouldn't write this if I didn't love you all. I wouldn't go out and teach this unless I had prayed and fasted to know if it is from God. This is they way to receive everlasting life with our families, and to live in God's presence forever, having a fulness of joy. I want this gift for everyone.

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