Friday, August 14, 2015

Mission Assignment Change

It's been quite some time since Elder Will Dudley has posted anything in his blog since he is so busy (a good thing), so he asked me (his mom) to share a few thoughts from his recent emails with you.

First, let me explain the title of this blog post "Mission Assignment Change". On 29 April 2015 we received a letter from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Office of the First Presidency) confirming that Elder Dudley's mission assignment had been changed from the South Dakota Rapid City Mission to the Nebraska Omaha Mission. This change was brought about by a mission boundary realignment. Elder Dudley is serving in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Zone at this time (August 2015) which is now a part of the Nebraska Omaha Mission (NOM).

In the top picture Elder Dudley and his missionary companion are teaching at a Zone Conference in Sioux Falls, SD mid-August. (Service with a smile!) They taught and practiced with the other missionaries the importance of planning, preparation and meaningful companionship study. In a recent email from Elder Dudley he wrote the following about companionships, "I have a testimony that love, not tolerance, of a companion, and a feeling of need for another, brings about miracles. If this element is gone and companions start to merely put up with each other in what they may think is "patience" it drags the work down. LIFT TOGETHER."
The second picture shows that Elder Dudley knows how to wash dishes. He helped clean up after a recent Zone Conference luncheon - with a smile.
The third picture shows Elder Dudley (second from left) with a group of missionaries helping in clean-up efforts in Bolton, SD after a tornado in May 2015. He wrote about this experience, "As we were cleaning, I found Legos, and Uno cards, books, and a piece of a little girl's tiara. It was sad to see all the destruction. We didn't get to hear how the families who lived there are doing. I was wondering about that the whole time. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to go through that loss so unexpectedly."
A couple thoughts from Elder Will Dudley - hopefully it's ok with him:
"I had always thought of humility being the opposite of pride, so that was how I tried to overcome pride. Now, I understand that when I am feeling prideful towards others, the solution is charity."
"I fasted completely in gratitude yesterday. I have done this once before, and both times have been amazing experiences. The whole fasting period, I did not ask for anything in any of my prayers. This time it was inspired by your comments (his mission president and wife) about giving our all to the Lord. I know that I am in no position to ask anything or expect anything more than what the Lord has already blessed me with. I am now better prepared to turn my will over to the Lord and only ask for things in accordance with his will."
Lastly, I will share an experience he had in June with a man from Columbia. "He is very devoted to the Lord. He moved up here with his family because of threats on their family, focused on the children. His wife is a lawyer and would not bend her values to help those she was working with, so they became very upset, hence the threats on their family. They have been reading the Book of Mormon daily, and the father knew very quickly that he needed to join the church. His wife and daughter have been more hesitant, but now they are fairly certain about baptism. We plan to set a date with them this week. He is blind and has been praying that the Lord would send angels to his family, and that is when he came in contact with us." This story continues to progress, but I will let him share the rest with you when he returns home.
The official letter came saying that Elder William Dudley is scheduled to return home on
11 November 2015.
He wrote to us recently, "I do not think I am going home "soon". Soon is a couple of minutes or hours. In missionary work, miracles happen in moments and seconds. I know how much can happen even in a day of missionary work, so I have a LOT left of my mission." 
He loves hearing from and about friends and family! He often says, "It is great to hear all the little stories about the kids!" I know he would want me to thank you for your love and support and prayers.
I hope I did ok writing on his blog for him.
His mom, JoAnne

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