Monday, December 23, 2013

Definitely a White Christmas

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! The sunsets are beautiful as always here in Casper. It's been a slower week with the switch to Spanish and all, but it's all good. We should be moving into our new apartment by the end of the week We have spent a ton of time just driving around trying to find Spanish people. Luckily, a higher percentage of them are receptive to the gospel than are English people, so we should be able to find people to teach. We had the opportunity to teach one lesson in Spanish on Saturday, which was really cool. My Spanish never flows as well as when I am talking about Christ and His gospel. I know that God will support those who are striving to serve Him.

Hopefully I will have a lot more interesting things to tell next week. For now, just remember the importance of Christmas. We celebrate because we have a Savior. Jesus Christ should always be in the heart of Christmas no matter what other activities take place. He should always be the motivation for the celebration of the season. If we truly love Him and believe in Him, we will give as gifts to Him love and service to all those around us during this time of year and throughout. You don't need to hunt for opportunities to give or serve. Strive to love everyone without judgement, and the natural result will be that your conduct with others will become more Christlike. You will go out of your way, naturally, to assist anyone in need, as your heart truly turns to Him. 

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