Monday, December 2, 2013

We got pranked...

My companion and I do not currently have car privileges, but this is the car that the other set of missionaries we live with have been given to use. One morning, this is what we woke up to...and we have no idea who did it! I don't know what to think...missionaries don't really get pranked that often, but I guess that's cool.

After the snow we got last week, we've really had some warm days. The past five or so days have reached at least 40 degrees, surprisingly. As you can see, there is no more snow, but rumor has it that this week will be snowy as well, and very cold. The high for one day is less than 10, I believe.... D: I have never experienced that. And have I mentioned that Casper is very, very windy?
Not looking forward to it...but I'll live, and it will be worth it because I know that I'm doing God's work.

I got some huge news last week. Our mission president came to town and we had a big conference with him (There are 32 missionaries in the Casper Stake). While he was here, we discussed the work that is going on in the Spanish group, and he wants to add another set of missionaries full-time in Casper to get the Spanish work going strong. I will find out in a week or two, but as of now, the plan is for ME TO BE WORKING COMPLETELY IN SPANISH. WOW. I am very nervous for this, because I was not trained to do missionary work in Spanish, and the vocabulary is very different (In other words, they didn't teach me any gospel-related vocabulary in Spanish class). It will be overwhelming if it goes through, but I know it will be great. The only other concern I have is that some of the people I've been working with in the past weeks are just barely adjusting to my companion and I as their new missionaries, so it would be a roadblock for the work in the area I am currently serving in. It is great to know, however, that God is guiding the work here and knows what will be best for everyone in the long run. 

Another couple of big things. The first Sunday of every month, our church meetings open up some time for people to come up and share their testimonies. I was sitting there in the Spanish meeting, and due to the small number of the group, not many people were going up. Good news though! I have a testimony in Spanish, too, not just in English. That was my first time addressing a group of people in Spanish, other than the near memorized class presentations in high school. I was nervous for it, but it went well. I am sure the Lord will help me with Spanish if that is what he wants me to do. Then, last night, we were teaching a lady who has been coming to church for a long time, but has not been baptized. I won't go into too much detail, but the missionaries taught her several months ago, and she was going to be baptized, but someone in her family talked her out of it. We are not missionaries trying to start family drama, but we know that baptism is necessary to receive the blessings of living in the Kingdom of God after this life (John 3:5). That is why we are serving missions! To teach people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invite them to live it. Baptism is a necessary step in that process, no matter what (Mark 16:16). Not only does it allow for blessings in the next life, but we know that joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through baptism will bless anyone with the guidance, direction, peace, hope, and joy that they need in this life, as long as they try their best to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are not out to tell people what to do or how to live, but to teach the Gospel and invite people to live a happier life. It is up to them to accept or reject it.

Oh yeah! Thanksgiving! I definitely missed having it with my family, but there is a wonderful family here that had us over for an amazing meal and great company. I really enjoyed it. I took the time to really ponder what I am thankful for in life, and then to acknowledge really what I would have without God. Really..would I have anything? Would I be here? I know that as we express our thanks to Heavenly Father daily for the blessings we enjoy, we will feel His love, we will be more content, and we will be able to recognize His influence more in our lives. On the other hand, if you include in your prayers any concerns or challenges you are having, God will help you resolve it. You just have to be open to letting Him work in His way in your life, putting aside all selfishness and pride. He knows whats best, He knows what matters, and He knows precisely how you feel. Open your heart to Him and accept His will. No matter how many struggles you have in life, the Gospel will help you focus on the positive and thrive off of that with God's help and faith in Jesus Christ. You will have hope and know that God has a plan and a purpose for you. (Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 55:8-9)

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