Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

I like mine farm fresh! We stopped by a members house, and they have their own chickens! They sell them, but to us they were kind enough to give some away :) I could definitely tell a difference from store-bought eggs.

Yesterday all of the missionaries from here in Casper took a trip out to Martin's Cove, so that's why I didn't make a post. Martin's Cove is a historical site where some of the pioneers got caught in an early winter storm in 1856. They camped there for five nights because they could not move on due to weather and lack of strength. They waited there for assistance. It is a worthwhile spot to consider as a stop on a vacation. It really helped me to appreciate even more the sacrifices of the early members of the Church to travel across the country. The highlight, however, had nothing to do with history. As we waited for our lunch (don't expect lunch there unless you are a missionary :)), we were shown a video on families that is only presented in LDS visitor centers. I told my parents of the experience:

"Yesterday at Martin's Cove we watched a video about families, which was a very tender experience. I though a lot about CarrieAnne, grandma Dudley, and other members of the family. It also made me very excited and anxious for starting my own family. The responsibility and the joy of families both weighed on me and showed in my emotions. I know that out of the many people who teach me in life, other than Jesus Christ, none of their influences will ever rival that of my parents, until perhaps I am able to learn from my spouse and my children."

For a little bit of information, my parents had a baby girl pass away at ten months about 3 years before I was born, and my grandma recently passed away. These events bring sadness because of the absence of people so dear to us, depending on how close we were with them, but they also bring us closer to God and make us stronger if we let them. Because of the gospel , I know that the sweet memories that we have with our loved ones in life do not stand alone, for we have the eternities to create more with them. This possibility comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I imagined my grandparents free from all imperfections of health, as I know I will meet them after this life. Only because of Jesus Christ can we hope to be free of cares and suffering in the next life. However, the knowledge that I can share everlasting joy with my family members is what motivates me to follow Christ. I would have little motivation to do God's will if I didn't know that it would lead me to a life with my family forever. God's choice social unit is the family, both here and  especially after we leave this world, where we will not have any of the concerns that we face here. Jesus Christ is my reason to hope. My family is my reason to work. And, the Holy Spirit that I feel in my heart when I bring myself humbly and wholly to God is how I know that it is real.

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